Thursday, November 27, 2008


Recently Joe ( and I spoke at a youth rally we titled "Cruciformity." We talked about the cross and how it should affect us. I really think it may have been one of my best lessons so far. Anyway, we had them break into groups and discuss some things that we thought would be appropriate for this blog as well. I hope these questions at least make you think, but feel free to share also.

God chose to be born in a barn and die on a wooden torture stick to save the world. This cross of Christ is our means of getting back to God. We are being conformed by it and to it. Jesus told us to take up our crosses every day.

In many ways it is the foundation of our faith. We sing about it, pray about it, put it on our tombstones, tattoo ourselves with it. I could talk about the cross and it's implications for hours, but I want to ask us some questions instead.

  • Have your prayers ever concerned the cross of Christ? In what way?

  • What is it about the cross that affects you the most? Why?

  • What can you do in your life to pick up your cross?

  • Who in your life has best shown you who and what Christ is?

  • What can you pray about in your life that would best help you become like Christ?

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