Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Disconnect

I've noticed a trend of disconnect.

Recently I was studying the history of science for a class I was taking, and I started to notice a common thread between many of the scientists. They began to get so wrapped up in what they were studying, that they forgot about the world around them. Many of them became sour old men with no friends. They missed relationships, the beauty of the outdoors, and among other things, God. There was a disconnect.

I've also been studying a little bit about pagan religions for one of my classes. One of the things pointed out was that their religion (usually) had almost no relation to moral effort in everyday life. Their worship at the temple, rituals, and sacrifices had nothing to do with ordinary life choices. That religion didn't necessarily make them try to treat people better, and that was normal.

There's a trend here: We tend to believe in and appreciate something and at the same time forget that thing's very nature. I've seen this for a long time in myself and other Christians. We can boldly proclaim something in a sermon, but the next moment live in complete contradiction to it. What is that? How can that be possible?

Bible students, for whatever reason, seem to be especially prone to this. While many have great hearts and motivations, there's always those who use religion to puff themselves up. It's as if when they stand up to speak about the Bible that equates to them inventing the truths they speak of.

I enjoy studying, I really do. I love reading Christian books and having my mind pushed. But I never want to stop asking, "What does this have to do with me?" I want Christianity to be more than something I say I agree with; I want it to change my very nature.

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