Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Tonight we had the second small group meeting in my home. Some I don't know very well, but I really feel like I love them all a lot. Pam just came back from France like a month ago, and Kaylin, her teammate there who is married and going to Tech, was there tonight too. Becky and Rachel just moved from Tulsa. Geoff just moved from Estonia a month ago and is going through SIBI. Then there's Gary and I who wanted to start it.

We met at 7 and had sushi and hung out for a while. Then we talked about how we were all doing spiritually and went through Mark 1 together. I really liked it, I think because it felt so much like what we did in Russia. I was used to looking at the Bible and referencing our everyday lives and ways God was teaching us to apply the things we were reading. I absolutely love that. This group has so far been a huge blessing for me, just in being able to vocalize my own journey and listen to others' journey with Christ as well. I missed that.

We have lots of ideas about the group, but I think I'll be content no matter what. I just like having people over, and if I just get to know some people a little better then I am incredibly stoked about that. It was neat for me as different people were speaking just noticing how our journeys with Christ were so very different, but yet we were all seeking the same things. I love the diversity within the body of Christ. God seems to be all about reconciling things, and I don't see how any of us would be friends outside of Christ.

Right now I'm taking Spiritual Disciplines and I've just been reminded how extremely vital everyday devotions are to remaining focused in Christ. Whether it's saying a prayer, listening to a sermon, reading a poster on a wall, or reading God's Word I think we all need to be reminded of our purpose in life daily. Of course prayer should be a lifestyle, but also I think most of us just have Spiritual A.D.D. It's just so easy to get focused on stuff and forget about Him. I want to learn to trust God in even tiny little things. Maybe that sounds impractical, but it's in the Bible. I want to make Colossians 3:17 a reality, truly doing all things under the authority and reign of Christ.

I feel excited after tonight. It's just so neat to have a family again, a group. Having a bunch of close friends is cool, but I especially love when we can all meet together and be a real family.

Isn't that what Church is anyway?

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Becky Decker said...

Josh...i miss you so much. I feel lonely away from my new little family. Why is this happening? I hope you guys have fun in California. I will be praying things go well. Wish we were going to be there. Hope to talk to ya soon.