Sunday, September 7, 2008

My Joel Osteen Impression

This was done in our Mountain View retreat at the talent show. It's all in good fun, so hopefully no one will be offended. Still, it's hilarious.



Mike said...

Great impression


Dude, I laughed and laughed. I saw this this morning on someone's facebook. I'd say if you'd just color your hair black and constantly smile from ear to ear, you'd be Osteen!

brettincasie said...

Me, Tab, and Tiffany all just cracked up laughing. My personal favorite - "Don't open your Bibles, but I'm gonna read you something." Wow.

Amanda said...

You're silly.

doug young said...

That was Greatness in my book!

Joseph said...

So so so creepy how good you are at doing. plus the picture you have of him makes him like a cult leader summoning his minions forth for battle.

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